Five Paragraph Essay Outline

Using the five paragraph essay writing outline can help students learn how to write good essays that have well organized ideas and thoughts. The directions provided here guide students from how to come up with an idea, arranging the ideas to writing the essay itself. These steps therefore act as guidelines to knowing how to write a good essay.

The first step involves choosing an interesting topic to write on. The writer should narrow down the scope of his/her topic. E.g. instead of writing about health, write on a specific issue like nutrition. You gauge your topic by identifying three areas you would like to discuss in your essay, if you cannot come up with the three its an indication your topic may be too narrow hence demands choice of another one. The three ideas constitute the body parts of your essay which should be three in number. This is an important step of the five paragraph essay as it forms the body.

Once you have the idea in place the second step involves arranging and organizing them. At this level one should be able to broaden the general ideas into details. One way is to draw three circles around the main idea and fill them with other relevant ideas and do the same for the new ideas too. This helps to get the details to be discussed in the essay. Another method is writing a heading and listing details under. This is a simple trick and is a good guide on how to write the body of an essay.

At this level, you have all the materials you need for your essay and next is to proceed in arranging them in a logical order. You should then check if the sentences create a flow from one to the other and how you have used the words that link different phrases like therefore, hence or thus.

After writing the whole essay you should cross check and ensure you have all the five steps covered, these are; the introduction, the three ideas or body parts and the conclusion. These are the five steps that one should follow when learning how to write an essay.

Following the five steps of essay writing guidelines provided above will make it easy for anyone including first timers. The steps listed not only help students how to write an essay but is gives various methods of structuring and broadening ones ideas.